Spring 2019 Class Description

Spring 2019 Class Description (NM).jpg

STEMania's 5C Mission is incorporated into every lesson.  Here are some examples:

STEAM- Technology

Area- Programming

Topic- Medical Innovations

Lesson Name- Human Bionics

Curiosity (Intro)- What is Human Bionics?

Challenge (Class Activity)- Mind-Controlled Arm

Creativity (Demo)- Bionic-Disability to Ability

Collaborate (Team Activity)- Prosthetic Legs

Connect (STEM Pro Talk)- Biomedical Engineer


Area- Money

Topic- Value and Flow of Currency

Lesson Name- Funny Money

Curiosity (Intro)- Why do we need money?

Challenge (Class Activity)- Guess the Price

Creativity (Demo)- Flow of Money

Collaborate (Team Activity)- Trade vs Currency

Connect (STEM Pro Talk)- Banking Executive